Season 1, Episode 2: After the Pilot


"I'll tell you two things you won't find in that glass, though." -Ginny
"Yeah, what's that?" -Joey
"Truth or courage." -Ginny

"May you have one foot in heaven before the devil knows you're gone." -Turk


Written by Robert Singer, Directed by Philip Sgriccia

Guest stars Kate Walsh, Leonard Roberts, Paul Adelstein, Steve Van Wormer, Marc Grapey, Rich Komenich, Hank Johnston, Adam Tanguay.

Co-starring Christian Stolte as Vincent Roberts, Meg Thalken as Police Captain, with Len Bajenski as Lucas, Aryn Bylsma as Twelve year old girl, Mary Beth Fisher as Foster Mom, Tom Keevers as Polito, Mary MacDonald Kerr as Woman, Tom Milanovich as Thug #1, Turk Muller as Moving Company Boss, Reginald Nelson as Officer, Daniel Lee Smith as Leo, Michael A. Torrey as Little Sammy Wilkens, George Robert Walker as Card Dealer.