Season 1, Episode 3: After the Pilot


"What, I woke you up?" -Joey
"Well, that's what usually happens when you bang on a house with a hammer." -Turk

"Ignorance is bliss, my man." -Tom
"I can drink to that." -Joey
"You're a Turk. You can drink to anything." -Tom

"Yeah, a little ray of sunshine for the bad guys as they go by." -Turk

"I really need to be in bed by midnight. I'd really like it if you were there with me." -Joey's girlfriend


Written by David Peckinpah, Directed by Robert Singer

Guest stars Kate Walsh, Paul Adelstein, Leonard Roberts, Jacqueline Williams, Rich Komenich, Hank Johnston, Adam Tanguay.

Co-starring Christian Stolte as Vincent Roberts, Dick Gjonola as Benny Salvatori, Lorenzo Clemons as Officer Cleamons, with Alex Blatt as Mugger, Matt DeCaro as Lloyd Mangrum, Mary Beth Fisher as Foster Mom, Joey Honsa as Melissa, Tom Keevers as Polito, Tahmus Rounds as Key Man, Peter B. Spector as Junior Acovone, Cedric Young as Officer #2