Season 1, Episode 6: In the Fracas


"Mike, you better be tough, because I don't know if I can face the idea of a life without you." -Erin

"Wish in one hand, spit in the other, see which one fills up first." -Mary

"What butter and whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for." -bartender
"The Irish have a saying for everything." -Ginny
"Well, at least when it comes to drinking and dying." -bartender

"If this is about me.... If this is about punishing me, please don't. Take me, but please don't take my son." -Turk
"Talking to God, Joe?" -Mary
"I don't think he remembers me." -Turk
"He remembers you. I talk to Him about you all the time." -Mary


Written by Edmond Stevens, Directed by Jim Pohl

Guest stars Jan Lucas, Paul Adelstein, Lisa Brenner, Tim Grimm, Adam Tanguay

Co-starring Tim Decker as Jerry Simon, B.J. Jones as Second Sergeant, Meredith Zinner as Mrs. Delahousse, John Cooke as Mr. Delahousse, Brian Stepanek as Gavin Reed, Mike Bacarella as Dennis the Bartender, Bill Armanda as BBB, Peter DeFaria as Paramedic #1, Joe Dempsey as Freelancer, Lisa Hagood as Reporter #2, Mapuma as Policeman #1, Elaine Moore as O.R. Nurse, Johnny O'Donnell as Off-Duty Pliceman #1, Ron O.J. Parson as Violent Crime Detective, Peter Reinemann as Ukranian Gentleman, Randy Steinmeyer as Tom Evans (TJE), Clifton Williams as Street Deputy, Joseph M. Wycoff as Reporter #1.